I’m Rossana De Crescenzo, a graduate in Work Psychology, specialized in Staff Training in Social and Organizational Contexts. My education includes Master’s degrees in Professional Orientation and Outplacement and Forensic Psychopathology.

My passion for art drives me to explore Architectural Psychology and Creative and Innovation Psychology. I express these concepts through resin, clay, and paintings. These art forms aim to rebuild the self and enhance human potential during stress and burnout.

In my role as a Social Psychologist, I focus on Art Therapy. This approach fosters resilience, inner strength, and self-renewal. It helps turn life’s challenges into opportunities.

I’ve developed the psychosocial information portal ““. It offers a comprehensive understanding of psychology’s core concepts in our modern, tech-driven era.

My writing style reflects expertise with clarity and empathy. I simplify complex ideas, making them accessible without jargon. Engaging and thought-provoking, I encourage readers to explore new concepts. I share personal experiences, adding authenticity to my content.

Addressing audience pain points, I provide practical solutions. My concise, impactful style delivers actionable insights.

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